New Customer Miner: 14 Days Implementation

pmOne AG

Customer Mining: Winning Customers via Machine Learning and AI in 14 Days

For customer acquisition, companies need meaningful and high-quality data on potential new B2B customers. However, their CRM data is often incomplete, obsolete and not up to date. In addition, manual research for new customers and leads is often time-consuming and keeps your sales department from actually acquiring new customers.

For this purpose, pmOne has developed the B2B New Customer Miner based on Microsoft Azure. Using automated web search and Microsoft Azure AI techniques, special business directories and websites are intelligently searched and potential new customers identified. The new information is classified and matched to your CRM.

As a result, every company is evaluated as a potential new customer, and the identified new customers are automatically prioritized using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and AI. The discovered information can be directly fed back into your existing CRM and thus be used for an efficient and traceable acquisition process.

In addition, a Power BI Dashboard clearly illustrates the identified potential new customers. Filters can be used to find further valuable information on (new) customers and leads. With the use of Azure cloud technologies, data volumes can be handled without any problems and required resources can be easily scaled as required. The effort and costs associated with such a Microsoft Azure project often amortize with the first or second new customer.


  • Wk 1: Find and crawl business directories, Retrieve link lists and store them
  • Wk 2: Adaptation of the New Customer Miner to new conditions and keywords, score and sort potential customers (Machine Learning), visualization of results in Power BI
Key benefits:
  • Automatic identification of potential B2B new customers
  • Ranking of potential customers / leads
  • More detailed insights about customers and competitors
  • Quality enhancement of CRM data