A complete development lifecycle that results in a fully working solution

What you can expect?

Scope Migration Lifecycle: Entire migration and modernization life cycle that includes Lift and Shift of on Prem solution on Azure Cloud that includes:  2 Virtual Machine  2 SQL Server VMs  1 Windows Server  Backup and Disaster Recovery  Power App/Web App/Azure function

  Approach   Different criteria will inform which approach is best for your business. Strategy: Define business justification and  expected outcomes. Plan: Align cloud adoption plan to business outcomes. Ready: Prepare the cloud environment for planned changes. Adopt: Implement the desired changes across IT and business processes. Discover: Assess and Migrate with Azure Migrate as part of this stage. Manage: Implement operational baselines and best practices. Govern: Benchmark and implement governance best practices.

Deliverables Azure Landing Zone Prepared a scalable and well-governed Azure environment Working Solution Suitable destination for customer workload It can be a customer VMs, SQL Server, WVD, Applications and its configurations on Azure  Artifacts that includes, deployment scripts,  ARM templates etc. Security Compliance & Governance Implemented Security baseline  Disaster recovery and Backup  Benchmark and implemented governance best practices.