HR Advanced Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation


Use HR Advanced Analyticst optimize HR decision-making process through the use of descriptive as well as predictive analysis of the data

HR Advanced Analytics

Solution can integrate with internal systems already in use that capture every step of the Emploee Journey:

  • Talent Acquisition - from Exploring and Selecting to Interviewing and Hiring of the employees
  • Talent Management - managing Learning, spreading Enterprise Culture and track the Progress
  • Talent Retention - setting goals, monitoring progress, measure performance; spot anomalies in employee growth predict resignments

The data obtained becomes the basis for optimizing the HR decision-making process. From this data, measures are developed to study the efficiency, effectiveness and impact that HR processes have on the business, through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses.

Our solution is based on Azure cloud components, specifically:

  • Azure Storage - a secure way to store all HR related data (including PII data, GDPR Compliant) that also permits to encrypt the data using customer key;
  • Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks - build, train, and deploy machine learning models and foster team collaboration;
  • Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate, Power App, Dataverse) - to build a comprehensive view on your data, building reports in Power BI, managing manual input data with Power App and automate business workflows using Power Automate;
  • Azure Integration services (Azure Data Factory, Azure Logic App, Power Automate, Azure Functions) - connect to existing HR solutions (on-premise and also cloud).

Based on customer needs we'll be able to deliver:

  • Integration flows to ingest data from internal and external data sources;
  • Data model to support descriptive analysis - here we'll use our expertise and we'll propose measures, report and analysis that bring added value to HR department;
  • Machine learning models - resign risk prediction, etc