Azure Foundations Assessment - 4 Week Assessment


Provide a holistic business case covering Infrastructure, Data and Applications for the customer leveraging Unifycloud and technology

Today’s new reality can be complex no matter where you’re at in your cloud journey. Capitalizing on the shift to digital modernization is key to your organization’s innovation and growth, but it can be daunting knowing where to start.

Microsoft’s Solution Assessments are personalized, Microsoft-funded programs* that assess a customer’s data landscape, analyze the deployed environment and provide insights for recommendations. The Azure Foundations Assessment helps customers with limited cloud adoption plan their move with confidence. The Assessment provides an end-to-end view across your IT landscape, covering infrastructure, databases, and applications and provides a financial business case to migrate or modernize your IT estate.

What you can expect:

  1. Planning: Provide a holistic business case covering Infra, Data and Apps for the customer leveraging Unifycloud and technology​
  2. Comprehensive data approach for Assessment: • Collect Infrastructure data related to data and application estate using Movere, Azure Migrate, & DMA​ • Collect infrastructure data for ~2 weeks for 95% confidence-level to CPU, Core, Memory, and Storage utilization/ performance data. ​ • If required, deploy CloudPilot Client scanner to scan SQL databases and .Net associated apps to determine readiness and remediation estimates, and associated applications. ​
  3. Data analysis: • Upload data gathered, as noted above, to CloudRecon and/or CloudPilot for the completion of the Migration Business Case for Azure. ​ • Optional: AMMP partner receives data for migration planning report.
  4. Action: • Implement a strategic plan created for your cloud journey • Recommendation on next steps • Migration plan

Key Deliverables: Azure Foundations Assessment Presentation

  1. Receive the presentation from UnifyCloud in the prescribed template​
  2. Finalize and prepare the customer presentation in the prescribed template​
  3. Review with the Seller and inform the AMMP partner​
  4. Present results, recommendations, and next steps to the customer; invite UnifyCloud technical support if required​
  5. Provide access to the CloudAtlas Portal to the customer to be able to drill into the CloudRecon and CloudPilot analytics for a period on 12-months from the start of this engagement. ​
  6. Transition to the AMMP partner

Our portfolio of Microsoft Solution Assessments is designed to meet your organization where you are on your cloud adoption and digital transformation efforts. Each assessment is a collaboration between Protiviti, Microsoft and your team. Together, we will move through a phased approach to deliver the business insights you need.

**Funding pends on eligibility