Drishti Proof of Concept Development - 3 months

SAVIC Technologies Private Limited

Proof of Concept of a single Use Case on the Drishti AI/ML platform to enable the client to understand the power and capability of the platform to enhance operations and predictive analysis of data.

The Drishti AI/ML platform is a Cloud based Digital Control Room Platform which utilizes the no limit Azure Data Lake which integrates seamlessly with operational stores and data warehouses so the client can extend current data applications.

The SAVIC Drishti platform provides Real-time 360 Degree visibility from new and existing systems to disruptively enhance customer, partner, employee & statutory experiences, thereby leading to increased profits, reduced wastage and loss across the Enterprise.​

Drishti enables Digital Automations that enhance operational excellence, growth, performance, and business innovation in the areas of sales & marketing, operations & supply chain procurement, people & hiring and finance. ​

This offering uses the Azure Data Lake and front end GUI based reports and data screens using Power BI or other related tools.

This offering provides a Proof of Concept to the client in terms of demonstrating an effective Use Case across any of the following experiences:

  • Customer Experience (Sales & Marketing)
  • ​Partner Experience (Operations & Supply Chain Procurement)
  • Employee Experience (People & Hiring)
  • Statutory Experience (Finance)