Security Review

Shaping Cloud

Shaping Cloud will perform a high-level security assessment throughout your organisation's IT infrastructure.

At the end of the security assessment, we will provide a detailed report that informs your security teams and senior execs of your current security posture. The report will also identify any recommendations that can be implemented to mitigate the security threats and vulnerabilities found during the assessment.

The scope of the high-level security assessment will focus on 8 key pillars of your IT infrastructure, including IT Governance, networking, end user devices, applications, data, server infrastructure, identity & crisis management. The pillars can also be tailored to meet your organisation's requirements. This will be scoped during the initial engagement with the relevant teams.

  1. Kick off scoping workshop
  2. Gain access to on-prem & cloud environment
  3. Assessment of environment against the 8 pillars
  4. Report of current security posture including recommendations to mitigate future threats & vulnerabilities.

Note: Shaping Cloud can also perform a deep dive into any of the pillars. Usually this would happen after the initial high-level engagement. Deep dive security assessments can be discussed during the further actions meeting if required, post the high-level security assessment.