NGSI-LD Context Broker: 1 week implementation

Sirus NV

Custom built reference implementation of the Scorpio Context Broker, tailor made to your requirements and Azure data platform environment.

The Context Broker is a reference implementation of NGSI-LD standard specifications that comply with ETSI standards. IoT data is collected, processed and stored with dynamic context and the use of linked data concepts. The Context Broker provides an implementation of REST API endpoints for various data context operations that conform to the NGSI-LD API specification. The context broker allows us to collect, process, report and store IoT data with dynamic context using advanced data concepts.

On the market place, you can find a light version which is available for testing purposes. However, Sirus has set up multiple Scorpio context brokers in multiple environments, and is therefore offering this service through the marketplace. Within this implementation workshop, Sirus will provide a requirements analysis and a detailed description of work effort to be done. A reference implementation of the Scorpio NGSI-LD Context Broker is foreseen.

Scorpio Context Broker (2.1.14) configuration has been modified to work with Azure Event Hub en Azure PostgreSQL server. The Scorpio Context Broker container is running inside Azure App Service. Scorpio will run a Standard Event Hub and an Azure Database for PostgreSQL single server Basic, 1 vCore(s), 5 GB.

We will provide other versions which will include increased flexibility and security. The App Service Plan pricing tier, network access, scalability, always on, … will be made configurable.

Within this service, we will:

  • Provide a brief AS IS analysis of your current data platform (1 day)
  • Setup Azure Services and include Scorpio Context Broker (4 days)
  • Final closing meeting on results and

This will create a running, scalable and secure Scorpio Context Broker connected to your Azure data platform environment. Additional requirements can be added, for which a tailor made pricing offer needs to be made.

To find out more, please contact us for a pricing offer.