Azure OpenAI Workshops: 2-3 Wks to Business Use Cases

Slalom Consulting

Slalom will mobilize a small team of functional & technical experts in partnership with Microsoft to host a series of collaborative workshops with the client’s key business & technology stakeholders.

Evaluating Azure OpenAI's Emerging Capabilities

Gain a better understanding of the Azure OpenAI suite of services, including ChatGPT, and how these new capabilities might drive meaningful business impact.

Business Need: Accelerating Innovation to Outcomes

Slalom will host a series of collaborative workshops grounded in ideas / methods that Slalom has already formalized to help accelerate the discussion (i.e. including industry use cases and examples of previous use).

The Slalom team will:
* Ensure stakeholder alignment through guided conversations
* Conduct workshops to first level-set on what these new Azure OpenAI capabilities can do and ideate on potential business use cases and their impact
* Potentially build an initial proof of capability to help bring the workshop ideas to life

Through this engagement the client will:
* Realize the power of an aligned leadership team dedicated to leveraging this new emerging Azure OpenAI capability
* Have actionable next steps for prioritized pilot business use cases with a high-level estimate of their organizational impact

* Client will ensure that the appropriate business & technology stakeholder are available to help support this effort
* Client team will be available for pre-workshop interview session
* Workshop will be delivered remotely using Microsoft Teams meeting


Week 0 - 1
* Project kick-off meeting
* Schedule 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders

Week 1
* Host 1-2 workshops focused on ideating Azure OpenAI business use cases, ethical AI, known limitations, and governance considerations
* Capture key actions and decisions for inclusion in Azure OpenAI project read-out
* Organize potential Azure OpenAI use cases into business functional areas

Week 2+
* Host follow-up workshop to address any items that require additional conversations or decisions
* Prioritization of Azure OpenAI business use cases into next steps, potentially including a Pilot Application leveraging ChatGPT or Azure OpenAI services, or development of change management materials to help support employees that might be interacting with this new Azure OpenAI capability

Client Investment: 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of the engagement

* Pricing varies based on scope of the engagement.