Secure Multicloud with Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Production Pilot

Synergy Advisors LLC

Production pilot of Microsoft Defender for Cloud to protect multicloud environments and hybrid cloud infrastructures. The pilot is executed in short sessions over 4 weeks.

Synergy Advisors provides best-in-class Consulting services to deploy in short sessions carried out over 4 weeks, a production pilot to implement, onboard, and adopt Microsoft Defender for Cloud, a next generation security platform designed to protect your on-premises and cloud-based resources in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud collects and processes data and evaluates your resources to provide you with a Secure Score, giving you a broad understanding of your security posture.

By combining the best practices in security in one unique solution, you can:

  • Surface actions to take to prevent breaches with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • Protect servers, containers, storages, databases, and other workloads with Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)
  • And unify security management at the code level across multi-cloud and multiple-pipeline environments with DevSecOps capabilities.


  • STRENGTHEN & MANAGE SECURITY POSTURE: Combination of agentless and agent-based scanning for full visibility and protection, while featuring attack path-based prioritization to identify critical threats, and at-scale governance and automated remediation for easier compliance management.

  • DETECT THREATS AND PROTECT WORKLOADS: Microsoft Defender for Cloud uses full-stack threat protection and vulnerability assessment management. The platform is designed to provide continuous monitoring of your workloads, detecting and responding to threats in real-time.

  • SECURITY COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT: The platform offers compliance assessment reports that identify potential compliance gaps and provides remediation recommendations. It also includes built-in compliance controls for regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

  • UNIFIED MANAGEMENT CONSOLE FOR MULTI-CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS: Manage and monitor your cloud security from a single pane of glass. Configure policies, alerts, and automate responses across multiple cloud platforms, all from one location.

COMPLEMENT THE SECURITY EXPERIENCE WITH ADVANCED ANALYTICS REPORT FROM E-VISOR Complement your multi-cloud protection experience with rich analytics from Synergy Advisors’ E-Visor, an analytics solution that enables you to control what happens in your multi-cloud environment through correlation of data resulting from discoveries made by Microsoft Defender for Cloud, through holistic and security-driven integration between both technologies.

What can you find in the E-Visor for MDC reports? • Active and scanned subscriptions. • Active alerts in the Microsoft Defender for Cloud portal. • Active alerts categorized by high, low, and medium severity levels. • Affected resources and locations. • Secure Score to help you improve the security posture of Azure resources, hybrid workloads, and multi-cloud environments. • Total evaluated resources. • Total recommendations provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud to enhance the security of affected resources. • Detailed information about the generated alerts. • Table of global recommendations from Microsoft Defender for Cloud for the entire tenant. • Number of recommendations that can be implemented on the affected resources to enhance their security. • Insights into your compliance posture based on how you are meeting specific compliance requirements.