Tallan Vision Map: 1 Day Workshop


Tallan’s Vision Map Workshop is a 2-3 hour co-creation engagement outlining where and why your business needs take the next steps in your Azure data culture transformation.

The outcome of this engagement, a couple of days after the hands-on, interactive workshop is a 2-page Executive Brief that will concisely outline your business' Azure data culture transformation priorities over the next 12-18months, complete with actionable next steps. The brief will incorporate the session topics and any additional thoughts your team has afterward. From Azure migration considerations, to cloud-native development, to an Azure data platform to integrate disparate sources of data all to highlight and create a solution for a specific business problem - this session will identify focused problems that need solving, and prioritize what funded technical engagements can support the initiative that makes sense.

During the workshop key participants for engagement on the client side are: Business Leader(s), Business Subject Matter Expert(s), IT/Tech Leader, and IT/Tech SMEs so that we can set the stage and level-set on the goals of this session. We'll put pain points on the vision map to provide a clear visual of the customer's priorities and ideas. The collaborative nature of this engagement provides a perfect jumpstart for your Azure data transformation journey!

As a deliverable, the Executive Brief, provides a ranking and timeline on organizational opportunities and challenges that could accelerate data science output and impact.

*Cost is estimated based on customer conversaiton. Funding typically available through Innovation Jumpstart to offset most, if not all of the cost.