Azure Application Modernization Accelerator (6 Week* Implementation)

Teksystems, Inc.

Whether you need help building microservices architecture, refactoring applications, deploying containers or updating apps for the cloud, we offer applications expertise and flexible engagement models

Unleash the Full Value of Your Applications By Moving to the Cloud

As businesses grow and transform, the technology supporting it all needs to grow and transform, too. Modernizing your legacy applications and harnessing the power of the cloud can revolutionize the way you do business, providing improved organization and technological performance, enhanced customer and employee experiences, and accelerated time-to-market for new offerings and updates.​

TEKsystems Global Services has a dedicated Microsoft team. Azure’s IaaS and PaaS capabilities, security offerings, extensive hybrid abilities, integrated environment, scalability, and ductility, as well as its analytics and intelligence capabilities make it an ideal cloud environment for enterprise businesses.

Entrust us to modernize your applications using Azure's robust technologies to provide accelerated innovation and time to market, compatibility and agility, security and reliability, and efficiency. We offer three approaches to modernizing your applications based on where your organization is in your technology journey. We can extend your core systems with new front-ends, refactor to create a flexible foundation for innovation, or rebuild on a modern platform hosted on Azure and Microsoft 365.

We have a broad level of expertise, including in: Cloud Native environments, Containers, Microservices, Orchestration & Automation, Modern Data Estates, and Cognitive Services.