Secure Microservice Platform-4 Weeks


Unlock Your Product Development Potential with Secure Microservice Platform Hosting on Azure


Experience a streamlined and secure approach to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure with our Microservice Hosting Solution. Whether you're a small to medium business embarking on your cloud transformation journey or seeking to enhance your existing Azure environment, our customized microservice hosting solutions offer a robust foundation for hosting, deploying, and managing your secure microservice applications in the cloud, all while ensuring top-tier security, compliance, and adherence to best practices right from the outset.

Key Features

Microservices Orchestration: Seamlessly manage and orchestrate your microservices, enabling efficient communication and coordination between components.

Automated Deployment: Streamline the deployment process with automation tools, reducing deployment times and minimizing errors.

Customization: We understand that every organization has unique requirements. That's why we offer flexible customization options to align the modern application hosting leveraging the power of Kubernetes on Azure Cloud to tailor fit the entire solution with your specific business, application needs and compliance standards.

Advanced Telemetry and Monitoring: Harness the power of cutting-edge telemetry and monitoring mechanisms like Azure Monitor, Prometheus, and Grafana to gain real-time insights into the performance and health of your microservices. This enables you to proactively address issues and optimize your microservice environment for peak efficiency.

Scalability and Elasticity: Easily scale your microservice architecture up or down based on demand, optimizing cost-effectiveness while maintaining performance. Leverage best practices, including blue-green deployment mechanisms which ensures seamless scaling and high availability while minimizing disruptions during updates and releases.

Streamlined Automation and DevOps Integration: Bid farewell to the intricacies of configuring your secure AKS environment. Our solution features pre-configured templates and automated workflows, ensuring swift deployment tailored to your organization's specific needs. It simplifies resource deployment and management, facilitating seamless integration of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices.

Robust Compliance and Governance Framework: Our solution leverages Azure's standard policies, compliance monitoring mechanisms, and industry-leading security best practices to uphold adherence to a multitude of regulations. This ensures a robust compliance and governance framework, providing you with the peace of mind that your microservice deployment complies with the highest standards.

Cost-Effective Resource Management: Implement smart resource allocation and cost optimization strategies to ensure you get the most value from your secure AKS deployment. Our solution provides tools and practices to streamline your Azure expenses while maintaining optimal performance levels, helping you achieve cost-efficiency without compromising on quality.

Training and Documentation: We offer training resources and comprehensive documentation to empower your team with the knowledge and skills required to manage your Azure environment effectively.


Faster Time-to-Value: Our solution accelerates your Azure adoption for modern application and products harnessing power of Kubernetes on Cloud , reducing the time it takes to go from concept to production.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Maximize cost savings through efficient resource management and optimization.

Reliability: Ensure high availability and resilience for your critical applications, minimizing downtime.

Expert Guidance: Leverage our expertise and experience in Azure to make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Who Should Consider our Secure Microservice Platform offering?

• Mid-sized Businesses: Companies seeking to leverage the cloud for growth and innovation.

• Startups: Rapidly deploy cloud infrastructure to support your innovative ideas and products.