Migrating to Cloud at Pace: 4 Week Assessment

UBDS IT Consulting Ltd

Suitable for any organisation wishing to migrate to cloud and enjoy the benefits of lower costs, flexibility, scalability, resiliency, security and elasticity. Build your roadmap in just 4 weeks.

There are significant benefits to organisations moving their applications and services to Azure. Microsoft maintain the security, reliability and resiliency of the infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on end-user services and applications. The service is elastic, i.e. can be scaled up and down based on demand and is significantly cheaper – both direct running costs and indirect support and maintenance costs.

UBDS has developed a robust cloud migration method and has proven this through migrating over 150 applications to cloud. These migrations have generated savings for these organisations in excess of $50 million per annum. The model works at scale and has proven it can achieve a velocity of at least 2 applications migrated per week. This includes processes, governance, technical solution (landing zone), operating models and site reliability engineering practices. This four week assessment includes:

Discovery - we have a proven method for identifying your current estate including workshops, interviews and discovery tooling.

Strategy - based on the discovery we will advise the suitable destination for each application and service. This is based on the underlying technology, data security classification, method of access and application integration.

Roadmap - we will then advise how quickly these applications can migrate to Azure and the types of risks and challenges to migration. We can identify how best to integrate with other parts of your estate.

Outcome - At the end of this assessment you will have a clear roadmap to cloud, the suitable destinations per service/application, the challenges you are likely to face during migration, the timescales to migrate and the financial savings post migration. You will be confident moving to cloud based on the outcome of this work.