10 hours cloud readiness assessment

Vaporvm IT Services DMCC

10-Hours cloud readiness assessment in any of the following disciplines: Data Analytics and DevOps on Azure, legacy application modernization or Cyber Security

The offer

We are offering 10-hours of FREE consulting services. The scope of the services includes:
  • 5 hr assessment of CURRENT CHALLENGES in terms of moving to the cloud
  • 5 hr assessment of TARGETED SCOPE i.e. how far do you want to go with cloud
  • The output: a HIGH-LEVEL SOLUTION. A high-level designed solution, which shows how your business problem can be solved with Azure

We can even do a PoC with you to give you a taster of the cloud experience. T&Cs apply.

Offer Terms & Conditions

  • The 10 free hours can be split over a maximum of FOUR 2.5 hour sessions
  • All free sessions will be delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams
  • All 10 free hours are dedicated to one of four topics of the customer’s choosing: Data Analytics, DevOps, Application Modernization or Cyber Security
  • The offer can be redeemed by each customer only once
  • The high-level solution is only a design; it is not the actual build in Azure. If you want a built solution, then opt for a PoC
  • The high-level solution will be delivered within 7-days of completion of the 10-hour assessment
  • The PoC is free of charge in terms of professional services and can last a maximum of 4-weeks. However, the customer is obliged to make an Azure consumption commitment of at least 100 USD per month for 1-year. Azure consumption will be billed by Microsoft