Data Literacy: 1 day Data Literacy Workshop


A Data Literacy workshop using audio-visuals as an enabler for a successful Microsoft Cloud Digital Transformation across your People, Processes and Azure data systems

A Data Literacy workshop using Audio Visuals to enable you to build a program to upskill all employees and so deliver a Microsoft Cloud Azure Digital Transformation.
It’s not just about the data scientists, it’s the operational users too – everyone can benefit from a good foundational understanding of what data is and why it’s important, its impacts on automation and an Azure cloud implementation. Full 360 Data Literacy Outcomes

  1. The Foundation to become fully data driven
  2. Building cross-functional team with highly skilled and experienced coaches
  3. Configurable – framework and accelerators can be configured or customised to meet needs of audience
  4. End to end delivery – from vision to implementation and support

1 x Day Agenda COACHING & MENTORING delivered as ‘On the job’ training and mentoring in a workshop environment so that a program can be developed of individualised coaching for Executives and Team members to establish the skills within your organisation required to achieve your Azure data goals.

ASSESSMENTS individual assessments to benchmark understanding with interactive quizzes to track progress, gamified to create engagement, with printable/shareable certificates and awards. Individual/organisation re-assessment to highlight progress and establish further needs, from Foundation (for all employees) to Practitioner (Specialist subjects)

TRAINING ACCELERATORS Access to the training packages, delivered to you to host on your own Learning Management System. We offer a number of accelerators available at different price points to suit particular needs, ranging from standard to fully customised content.

DEVELOPMENT We are continually developing our stock of training accelerators – talk to us about your needs. We are also able to develop videos to represent common use cases to help with stakeholder engagement.