Azure AD B2C Help-Desk and Role-Based Access Control: 4-Wk Implementation

Implementation of a customizable help-desk for Azure AD B2C and Azure AD External Identities with support for role based access control and user management.

WhoIAM Rampart is a customizable white-label implementation of a help-desk and invitation-gated user registration experience built on top of Azure AD B2C. This implementation enables support specialists to easily perform tasks like reset passwords and multi-factor authentication without using the Azure Portal. WhoIAM Rampart also enables app and role-based access control (RBAC) for end users of Azure AD B2C. Rampart is deployed entirely in your Azure tenant and uses secure capabilities such as and CosmosDB, Azure App Services to ensure your data and end-user information do not cross corporate boundaries.

Core capabilities of WhoIAM Rampart

  • Authorization engine for Azure AD B2C
  • Allows the definition of per-application authorization policies that enforce: * Restricted application access (e.g. by invitation only) * Application permissions (e.g. roles)
  • Managed by users of an Azure AD tenant, for example a corporate tenant, using either:
    • A web management portal
    • PowerShell cmdlets

Benefits of using WhoIAM Rampart in your CIAM deployment

  • Enables you to provide low-level administrators with a clean helpdesk console that does not require access to Azure Portal
  • WhoIAM Rampart is completely skinned to reflect your corporate branding to ensure end-users and administrators know they are using a trusted interface
  • WhoIAM Rampart is wholly installed in your own Azure environment - this ensures user data stays strictly within your corporate boundaries
  • In conjunction with Azure AD B2C, WhoIAM Rampart enables you to enforce rich role-based and app-based access control to extend the core capabilities of your CIAM platform.