Microsoft Fabric Adoption: 4-Week Workshop

WinWire Technologies

Transition from legacy data capabilities to a new era of data-driven success with WinWire.

Your engagement with Microsoft Fabric goes beyond mere technological evolution; it involves constructing highly advanced data and analytics services that promote collaboration and propel innovation. Consolidating all necessary data services within a unified SaaS-based framework can efficiently enhance storage and computing resources, ensuring scalability and performance optimization with effective cost control. However, embracing Microsoft Fabric requires meticulous deliberation and planning to avoid making hasty investment choices like any intricate migration process. Enlisting the assistance of WinWire for this 4-week workshop will empower enterprises to build compelling business cases for their stakeholders while ensuring the success of their adoption journey.

WinWire’s Microsoft Fabric Assessment Workshop

  • How Microsoft Fabric can contribute value to both your existing and upcoming data estate
  • The recommended approach and key considerations for adoption
  • The steps to follow in constructing a future-proof analytics platform on Microsoft Fabric
  • Our Approach

    WinWire will follow these fundamental steps for the assessment of your Microsoft Fabric adoption journey.

    Step 1: Analyze the Current Environment

    • Evaluate the complexity of the existing on-premises and cloud legacy environments.
    • Identify challenges associated with current data services.
    • Analyze the usage patterns to gain insights into data consumption and interactions.
    • Identify short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape & future aspirations.
    • Step 2: Plan Microsoft Fabric Adoption

    • Identify specific use-cases to showcase rapid business value.
    • Develop a comprehensive plan for adopting Fabric, considering available migration pathways.
    • Identify areas where automation can streamline the adoption process.
    • Define & execute the PoC and demonstrate business value.
    • Establish the scope of Fabric adoption execution in multiple waves to ensure business insights driven systematic approach.
    • Conduct risk identification and formulate plans for mitigation.
    • Identify KPIs to measure the success of the program.

    Key Deliverables

    • Assessment report for the readiness of adoption including AS-IS maturity.
    • A strategy report for advanced data capabilities using AI-ML, GenAI and Copilot
    • A comprehensive strategy & roadmap for transitioning from PoC & Pilots to an enterprise-wide rollout.
    • Defined roles of administrators, including those responsible for Fabric, capacity, data gateway & workspace.
    • A strategy for pricing capacity tier; providing a Level-0 estimate for storage, computing, and networking.
    • An indicative TCO and ROI projections for multi-year service consumption.