CMMC 1-Hour Briefing

Wipfli LLP

CMMC Briefing to plan compliance with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification as required for Department of Defense suppliers and contractors

Wipfli is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) trained in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements and able to help businesses prepare for and achieve CMMC certification.

CMMC certification is a requirement for companies involved in the Department of Defense (DoD) as part of the supply chain as a supplier, contractor, or subcontractor. By 2025, all suppliers/contractors that work in the DoD supply chain will need to comply with CMMC.

Wipfli brings deep experience solving complex problems for manufacturing and construction industries. Our cybersecurity and technology consulting practices specialize in helping businesses implement Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Defender resist cyberattacks, bolster resilience, and meet CMMC requirements. Our managed IT and security services can then simplify your ongoing compliance process.

Meet with Wipfli experts to identify the latest cybersecurity regulations and understand how they impact your business. Does each part of your business need to comply with CMMC, or can you carve out the parts relevant to your DoD work? How can you achieve compliance quickly? Do you have the expertise and capacity on staff to get started?

Depending on the answers to these questions, Wipfli can help you prepare a CMMC compliance strategy leveraging Microsoft Azure Services, Security Suite, and Office 365.

In the CMMC briefing, Wipfli will discuss options to achieve CMMC compliance which may include:

  1. Baseline Assessment and Plan of Action and Milestones: scope, current state, identify compliance gaps
  2. Remediation and Implementation Planning to remediate control gaps and implement Microsoft Azure and security solutions
  3. Managing a Secure Environment: Wipfli cybersecurity managed services to simplify your ongoing CMMC compliance and provide 24/7 monitoring, incident handling, and administration of your Azure-based environment
  4. Preaudit Checkup prior to your C3PAO audit to assure readiness