Free 2 Weeks Proof of Concept: Zencare SA

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Our Free ZenCare 2 week Proof of Concept utilizes Azure Data and Virtual Machine Services to enable a rapid, cost-effective, secure and permanent work-from-home experience for your workforce.

ZenCare is our Covid 19, Rapid Response, Work-From-Home Services Offering. Our ZenCare services leverage the Azure Platform and enables superfast, secure, cost-effective, work-from-home access at mass scale, at short notice, for all of your employee's. Rapidly and securely scale up your employee's work-from-home experience and access to all your critical applications to enable an "Office Experience for all of your work-from-home employee's". ZenCare consists of two value propositions: 1st: 100% native cloud adoption powered by the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and 2nd: Hybrid Cloud adoption using a single pane-of-glass powered by Azure Virtual Machines and ZenVDI. No On-Premises infrastructure refresh burden, yet allows seamless depreciation of on-premise assets while increasing the Azure Service footprint to lower your TCO.

Our Free 2 week Proof of Concept will include: Day 0: Objective setting and scope definitions are determined. Brief overview of the current state and the desired future state of work-from-home employee profiles. Weeks 1: We review the client’s Desktop estate. We also work with your technical team(s) to collect all needed data and we layout the approach and plan to perform the initial group of work-from-home users. Week 2: We review and measure the end-user work-from-home experience and make and performance enhancements prior to enabling 100% capacity.

By the end of this free proof of concept, your work-from-home users will have a desktop experience comparable to, if not better than, their office desktop experience. Performance, stability, security and convenience of the work-from-home experience will be indistinguishable from the office desktop experience - regardless of the employee's home office location.

Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal.