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DenyAll Vulnerability Manager

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager helps our customers manage all their IT vulnerabilities.

Assessing your IT security exposure automatically

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager helps our customers identify vulnerabilities, in order to adjust their defenses and continuously improve their security. Built on an innovative technology platform, this software provides automatic asset inventory, comprehensive testing and efficient reporting, on a wide variety of security issues including web application development, OS, DB and network patch management and configuration. DenyAll Vulnerability Manager offers advanced monitoring dashboards and actionable reporting capabilities, full discovery and testing automation and an integrated ticketing system for remediation follow-up with developers, IT operators and administrators.



  • Comprehensive network testing: Denyall Vulnerability Manager embeds tens of thousands of plugins to accurately assess the patch management and configuration of your infrastructure;
  • Advanced web testing: crawls complex web 2.0 applications and runs a large set of tests including SQL injection, XSS, file inclusion, directory traversal, misconfiguration, CSRF, etc;
  • Remediation tickets: supports the remediation process with an efficient ticketing system with role management and specific reporting capabilities.