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Elfiq Networks Cloud Connector

Elfiq Networks
The Path to Dynamic, Flexible Cloud Access with Microsoft Azure.

With Cloud Connector, it is possible to move towards a Cloud-Ready Network and leverage the robustness and flexibility of a Hybrid WAN infrastructure. Together with a Link Balancer, the Elfiq Networks Cloud Connector can load balance cloud traffic over multiple links transparently for a fast and uninterrupted access to mission-critical applications.

The Elfiq Networks Cloud Connector can be deployed as a VPN hub. It centralizes all the VPN traffic between remote sites and provides simplified routing. This simplifies the configuration at each remote site and decreases the total number of configured VPN tunnels. It can also be a gateway device to guarantee uninterrupted cloud access.

When deployed with the optional geographic balancing license, the Elfiq Networks Cloud Connector can participate in a geographic balancing approach to offer the ultimate backup solution to onsite hosted services.