Erlang on Ubuntu 18.04

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Erlang on Ubuntu 18.04

Apps4Rent LLC

A general-purpose language and runtime environment


Erlang is a general-purpose, functional programming language that can be used for a wide range of applications. It was originally built for telecommunication systems and has now be used in other areas like eCommerce, banking, and computer telephony. It is useful for robust servers and embedded systems. As a functional programming language, the emphasis is on expression with support for multithreading.

Installed on an Ubuntu18.04 OS and packaged with Azure, Erlang has been thoroughly tested by Apps4Rent engineers to work well on Azure.

Key features available in Erlang on Ubuntu

· Distributed program execution capability.

· Dynamic data types supported.

· Program compactness and clarity.

· Supports and interfaces with popular languages.

· Built-in templates and frameworks.

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Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTPS: 443
  • HTTP: 80