ERC-20 Token Service on Quroum

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ERC-20 Token Service on Quroum

Web3 Labs

ERC-20 Token Standard RESTful services on Quorum

This sample environment provides RESTful services for creating and managing ERC-20 tokens on top of Quorum.

It provides a 3 node Quorum environment and RESTful service endpoints for interacting with each of those nodes over HTTP. These services are provided via the erc20-rest-service which uses web3j and Spring Boot.

Full transaction privacy is supported.

Getting started

Create the machine image as per a usual Azure VM image, We recommend you use a DS1 v2 or better host, due to the memory requirements of running a Quorum cluster on a single VM.

Using ubuntu as the username, then deploy the host as per a normal VM.

Once available on Azure, logon to the host, and start the application with the following commands:

  • cd erc20-quorum-vm-example
  • ./

This will start a 3-node Quorum cluster using RAFT consensus, and 3 instances of our ERC-20 RESTful service.

For further instructions for working with the image, please refer to the detailed instructions here.