ChainSys Data Archival for SAP ECC


ChainSys Data Archival for SAP ECC


Archive your legacy system data, or purge and archive your online data for SAP ECC.

Solution Description

ChainSys Smart Data Platform delivers a cost-effective and compliant data purging, archival and retrieval solution for SAP ECC. Whether purging and archiving data from an online transactional system, or migrating a legacy system to the cloud, ChainSys Smart Data Platform can move your data to your data lake, and provide secure access to the archived data through a secure, user-friendly presentation layer, with pre-built screens that function as read-only SAP ECC screens.

Key Features and Highlights

  • Purge and archive data from online SAP ECC production instances.

  • Purge and archive data from any SAP ECC legacy system to your data warehouse or lake based on your retention policy.

  • Support role-based access to archived data and documents to authorized data workers, auditors, etc.

  • Data can be viewed through pre-built and custom GUI after SAP ECC systems are retired.

  • The purged and archived data are stored in either a SQL database or a NoSQL database.

Why ChainSys

  • Complete profile of your SAP ECC instance

  • Pre-defined dashboard of profiled SAP ECC instance

  • Statistic and Assessment of Data - this module provides a detailed analysis and reporting of static data growth in a variety of different application modules.

  • In the first assessment, we will provide information on modules installed, data per module, static data growth, data that is archive-eligible, and parameters

  • Retention Policy can be defined to maintain the data.

  • Pre-built & configurable data flow adaptors to move the data from Online or Sunset database to Cloud instances.

  • Historical data is kept in a more cost-effective warm or cold storage solution than keeping it always online.

  • Pre-defined Loader adaptor by invoking SAP ECC standard Programming to Archive / Purge data.

  • Online transactional systems perform better when historical data beyond retention policy is archived offline.

  • Archived historical data is secured, but accessible to authorized roles and data workers through user-friendly forms.

  • There is a scheduler feature available that allows for unattended scheduling of archive/purge operations.

  • Audit logs - are maintained at each level of the transaction for all archive and purge jobs. By doing this, you ensure that the archived and purged data are consistent and complete

  • Pre-defined dashboard of view status of Purged and unpurged status.

ChainSys Approach

ChainSys Smart Data Platform, with its many pre-built extract and load adaptors, rapidly ingests data from your online or legacy enterprise application to Cloud applications.

ChainSys Smart Data Platform can also cleanse and transform data enroute to archival in your data lake, with their Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions, as needed. For example, if your SAP ECC legacy data has more than one source, or has duplicate customer, product, supplier, or resource records, those duplicates can be matched and merged. Data can be normalized, denormalized, or summarized as required, enroute to archival.

Lineage and reconciliation reports from SAP ECC source system to target archival data lake are automatically generated to meet data governance policy and satisfy auditors.

Once data has been extracted, cleansed, and archived, ChainSys offers a pre-built presentation layer with read-only access to a landing page / dashboard by common functional areas, for example, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, General Ledger, etc. Authorized users can drill from their dashboard into detailed views of their archived master and transactional data.

ChainSys can also build custom view-only applications with their low-code application development platform.