Windows Server 2019 Core

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Windows Server 2019 Core

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Windows Server 2019 Core is a minimal installation option. Less disk space, more secure and faster.

Windows Server 2019 Core Minimal Installation

Windows Server Core is a minimal installation option. Windows Server Core includes most but not all server roles. Server Core has a smaller disk footprint, and therefore a smaller attack surface due to a smaller code base

Server Core installation eliminates any services and other features that are not essential for the support of certain commonly used server roles. For example, a Hyper-V server doesn't need a graphical user interface (GUI), because you can manage virtually all aspects of Hyper-V either from the command line using Windows PowerShell or remotely using the Hyper-V Manager.

There is no desktop in Server Core, by design. While maintaining the capabilities required to support traditional business applications and role-based workloads, Windows Server Core does not have a traditional desktop interface. Instead, Server Core is designed to be managed remotely through the command line, PowerShell, or a GUI tool (like RSAT or Windows Admin Center).

Server Core deployments are ideal for enterprises that need to deploy and maintain a large number of servers. Microsoft recommends Server Core for servers that require minimal administration once deployed for specific infrastructure roles, such as domain controllers and certificate authorities.

This Azure Windows Server Core Server also comes pre-installed with the latest Azure Powershell Modules. Small disk size of 30GB.

Windows Server Core Benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance: Because the Server Core installation option installs only what is required to have a manageable server, less maintenance is required than a full Windows Server installation with a graphical interface.
  • Reduced attack surface: Because Server Core installations are minimal, there are fewer applications running on the server, which decreases the attack surface.
  • Reduced management: Because fewer applications and services are installed on a server running the Server Core installation, there is less to manage.
  • Less disk space required: A Server Core installation requires only about 1 GB of disk space to install and approximately 2 GB for operations after the installation. Server Core comes with 30GB disk.
  • Windows Server Core Support

    Windows Server Core Server support is from How to Windows Server Core on Azure