Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ for Azure


Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ for Azure


Fully-managed Apache Kafka as a service running on Azure

Confluent Cloud is the industry's only fully-managed, cloud-native event streaming service powered by Apache Kafka that is:

Serverless. Start streaming in minutes with on-demand provisioning and elastic scaling for a serverless Kafka experience.
Reliable. Stream with confidence with enterprise-grade reliability, 99.95% uptime SLAs, multi AZ replication for resilience, on-demand Kafka bug fixes and upgrades without downtime.
Complete. Speed up app development with Confluent’s rich pre-built ecosystem of fully-managed components such as Schema Registry, Connect & KSQL.
Flexible. Build a hybrid Kafka service leveraging Confluent Platform (sold separately) on your on-premise environment with a persistent bridge to Confluent Cloud with Confluent Replicator.

Service Offerings with Annual Commitments

With annual commitments, customers have the flexibility to self-serve provision and scale any Confluent Cloud component listed below:

Fully-managed Apache Kafka

Basic. Serverless experience with no hourly compute cost and elastic scaling up to 100MBps and a 5TB storage limit. Basic tier is not covered by uptime SLAs.
Standard. Production-ready clusters that provide the same elastic experience and same limits as Basic, covered by a 99.95% uptime SLAs and optional multi AZ replication.
Dedicated. Production-ready, completely customizable single-tenant clusters to run mission-critical applications at any scale. Additional security and compliance controls such as private networking, HIPAA readiness & more.

Other fully-managed components to speed up app development

Schema Registry. Ensure data compatibility across clusters and apps.
Connectors. Instantly connect to Azure native services like CosmosDB, Azure Blob Storage, and more.
KSQL. Build event streaming apps with a lightweight SQL syntax.


Access technical support from the leading Kafka experts with a paid support plan. Technical assistance from the world’s foremost Apache Kafka experts with over 1 million hours of expertise with a paid support plan.

NOTE: Confluent Cloud is dependent on the Azure AK Availability Zones. To see the current list of Azure AKS Availability Zones please review the Microsoft website.