GSX 365 Usage, Security & Audit


GSX 365 Usage, Security & Audit


Licensing, Service Usage, Security, Compliance, Mobility and Office 365 Audit Self-Service Reporting

GSX 365 Usage Reports is the ultimate solution for Office 365 Service consumption and security auditing.

Thanks to its granular Role-Based Access Control, you can provide self-service reporting to any business line and department, without granting any Office 365 rights. You can benefit from an extremely user-friendly dashboard to gather and display all the data needed to manage your Office 365 tenant. No PowerShell skills required.

Provide the right data to the right person, automatically, including consumption reports on Skype for Business, Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Mobile Usage, Compliance, Security configuration and much more.

GSX 365 Usage & Security Audit also enables you to encompass the entire Audit Log into a user-friendly dashboard that correlates information and highlights every security threat.

Automatically recognize and understand every abnormal behavior, be alerted in the event of potential danger, see the incident on a map, check which data is impacted, and which users are at risk. Our Auditing dashboards provide actionable insights on who is sharing which files or SharePoint folder, and where, and to whom. Understand in seconds which files are at risk and how they are being used..

GS 365 Usage & Security Audit is the only solution that consolidates the entire data set generated by Office 365 into reports that everybody can understand and use to optimize the ROI of Office 365.

GSX 365 Usage & Security Audit value proposition:

  • Your user-friendly portal for your entire Office 365 data management
  • Save time and money by identifying unused licenses and analyze how your services are used
  • Reduce security threats and associated costs by proactively monitoring abnormal behavior, failed events, data leaks and any actions taken on your Office 365 tenant

  • With GSX 365 Usage & Security Audit you now have the only all-in-one solution that allows every department of your company to safely improve Office 365 adoption, optimize license consumption, and secure your entire Office 365 tenant .