HCL Digital Twin Offering

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HCL Digital Twin Offering

HCL Technologies

Digital Twin - Reimagine Digital Simulation of Physical Assets with Azure

HCL’s Digital Twin is an offering developed to bring the physical and digital world to co-exist. The solution leverage IoT device data for predictive and proactive management of assets, as well to simulate the future state of the physical asset, e.g., RUL, efficiency, production capacity, availability etc. The IoT data is used to train the ML Model and track key outcomes. Digital Twin is being leveraged for multi-physics simulation to define future state of the physical asset

It is an end to end offering comprising of Consulting, Design/Develop Twin, Deploy and Manage/Support the complete asset life cycle.

Solution Overview

It collects historic and real-time data from sensors and the digital twins analyze sensor inputs in real time to provide action advisory for operators in diverse conditions. This is a intelligent, scalable, modular, equipment agnostic digital solution can be deployed with different equipment types.

Key Use Cases:

Energy and Utilities: Remote Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Simulation

            • GA - Wind Power System and Wind Farms
            • On Roadmap/Under Development - Solar Farms, Power Substation, EV Charging Station

Key Features:

    • Intelligent Maintenance
    • Asset Life Prediction
    • Anomaly detection
    • Risk and reliability assessment
    • Advanced analytics to derive assets performance
    • Leverage deep learning & AI to provide accurate, real-time insights integrated with azure maps
    • Meaningful dashboards & visualization
    • Integration with multi-physics simulation tools

Azure Services Leveraged:

    • IoT Central, Azure Digital Twin, Azure ML, Azure Stream Analytics
    • Azure Functions, API Services, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Monitor, Azure Key Vault etc.