Infotechtion Auto Classification


Infotechtion Auto Classification


Modernize and accelerate information classification with Infotechtion Auto Classification

Discover value hidden in your data

Infotechtion's Auto classification solution leverages the power of AI along with our Infotechtion SME knowledge to analyse, enrich and classify information automatically.

The Infotechtion Autoclassification solution provides a detailed view on what is there, what needs to be done thus helping organizations to have a clear understanding of their content and identify potential risks and take appropriate decisions. It provides structure to unstructured content that increases the value of the information helping in gaining important insights and better decision making.

Key Benefits:

Adapt and Change: Adapt and change to ever increasing and highly variable flow of content. Make content findable rather than just classified

Transparency: Improvement of compliance, security, responsiveness, user productivity and satisfaction. Increased regulatory transparency and accountability.

Faster ROI: Quick setup and configuration. Faster, Scalable and objective allowing businesses to efficiently organize content, making it available real time.

Cost Savings: Reduced manual intervention, processing and reviews. Reduction of litigation risks/storage costs/eDiscovery costs. It results in a lower overall total cost of ownership

Better Decision Making: Provide structure to unstructured data. Data from the processed documents increases the value of information helping in gaining important insights and better decision making

Why is Infotechtion Auto Classification the Winner in AI Classification?

Managing Business Engagement: We focussed on improving the technology to remove dependency on business input to get started. We can now predict with 50% accuracy without any intervention from business. This can be remarkably increase by feeding business required metadata, Keywords.

Leverage Infotechtion IG expertise: AI predictions combined with Infotechtion IG, language, and domain expertise to review the AI outcome is a clear winner compared to market competition