iLink Indoor Asset Tracking

iLink Systems, Inc.

iLink Indoor Asset Tracking

iLink Systems, Inc.

A geo-aware IoT solution that can track an asset’s current location and other relevant information

Transform your business and activate Digital Transformation by securely tracking the location and health of valuable assets critical to business operations. iLink’s Indoor Asset Tracking solution can help you manage and monitor your assets remotely, gain rich insights tracking your high-value assets real-time enabling your business to reduce cost, and create new revenue streams.

Create a proof of concept leveraging iLink Indoor Asset Tracking a solution designed to facilitate IoT use-cases such as real-time asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data analytics.

The 6 weeks proof of concept will deliver IoT solution for customers: -

·       Overall solution architecture, data flow, and process definitions.

·       Integration of beacons to mark assets, and use of gateways to mark indoor locations

·       Gateways will send real-time location time data to Azure Cloud

·       Secure connectivity of the IoT device from Edge to the Microsoft Azure Cloud via IoT Hub.

·       Cosmos DB for real-time data

·       Power BI, Machine Learning, Azure AI can be leveraged to map and analyze historical data.

·       Customizable User Interface with dashboards, notifications and workflow using a configuration designer.

·       Visualizations to help inform decisions and improve operations efficiency.

A statement of work and scope will be agreed upon by both parties during the first week of engagement.