Invite loved ones to help you save for products that are valuable to you.

SaveAway® is an innovative fintech application, offering sustainable financial stability for users in the forms of personalized payment plans that promote healthier spending habits and eliminates the threat of impulse buying.

Our Product: From the company Inspirave, SaveAway® provides e-commerce with unique peer-to-peer interaction and plan-to-purchase pathing that enables users to reach any desired purchase free of debt. 

Our Features: Saveaway® allows its users to ,select a product they wish to purchase from any number of retailers (such as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, etc,) create a personalized payment plan for their purchase that allows for peer-to-peer gifting and donations and tracks the best offers from various merchants and to monitor progress towards purchase-goal fulfillment facilitated by our embedded payments-hub capable of both P2P & merchant payments.

Our Mission: SaveAway® is dedicated to ending a marketplace where 3/4 of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and over 30% of purchases end in purchase dissonance. Our app is designed to remedy these pain points and better educate consumers on smarter spending activities. SaveAway®’s features ensure that every purchase decision is organized, thoughtful and debt free. SaveAway® is a product that not only provides the traditional e-commerce application but revolutionizes it to educate its users and combat threats to sustainable financial stability.

 Our Market Solution:

 In the B2B marketplace SaveAway® offers companies : 

  • An application with seamless integration that easily fits into their current consumer tech suite. 

  • An opportunity to brand themselves as Socially Responsible by using a product dedicated to providing their consumers with the healthiest spending path available.

  • A method to expand target markets by providing more consumers with a purchasing plan who may otherwise not engage with the brand. 

 In the B2C marketplace SaveAway® offers consumers:

  • Educational opportunities to help consumers learn about smart spending habits and maintaining financial stability.

  •  Customizable planning to ensure every decision is thoughtful and no purchase is out of reach.

  • Collaborative spending to provide consumers engagement with those they trust the most.