IQAX 360 Flex


IQAX 360 Flex


IoT platform solution to provide tracking and data analytics for reefer container transportation

Extract Insights from Your Reefer Container Devices

Optimizing and capitalizing value from the IoT devices installed in your reefers.

Data collected from your IoT devices contain a lot of valuable information much of which has important financial implications. That information can help you save costs on Pre-trip inspections (PTI’s) and help you provide enhanced customer service. It can also help drive better asset maintenance.

Intelligent Platform to Elevate Your Operations

IQAX offers IQAX 360 Flex so that ocean carriers and reefer owners can manage all of their IoT devices, even devices from different brands, through one convenient platform. IQAX analyzes and harmonizes data from multiple sources using AI and machine learning allowing carriers to optimize PTI’s and identify potential hot cargo loading.

The platform provides visibility to precise reefer container conditions and locations so that you’re alerted only when there is a true potential impact. This enables you to improve operations, provide enhanced service and swiftly respond to customers.

The platform includes APIs for you to create your own location tracking and inventory applications and to integrate the insights and alerts to your in-house applications. IQAX also provides an online dashboard for your customers to track their shipments reefer condition.

Business Benefits

Reduce Operation Costs and Optimize Resources

    • Save time and labor costs with effective and efficient execution of PTIs
    • View unused containers on a dashboard to make decisions for operation planning 
    • Better predict future container positions and location

Increase Customer Satisfaction

    • Notify customers of hot-loading before a container is loaded on a vessel to make adjustments and prevent claims
    • Quickly look up precise container locations and communicate dynamic, predictive ETAs to customers
    • Look up container conditions on demand and save a log of records for increased accountability
    • Reduce time spent searching for the status of shipments to speed up customer response time

Provide Premium Services

    • Offer a service to monitor customers’ cold cargo and send AI-driven alerts when deviations occur in order to prevent cargo loss
    • Provide a bespoke view for customers to monitor container conditions and locations
    • Offer APIs to your customers to integrate the container status with their existing systems