Linkurious Enterprise Cloud Instances


Linkurious Enterprise Cloud Instances


The investigation software that’s both powerful and easy to use to unlock the power of graph data.

Linkurious Enterprise is a graph visualization and analytics software that connects the dots within massive amounts of data to provide a unified and comprehensive view of the entities relevant to your analysis so you can see the bigger picture at scale.

It enables analysts and investigators to explore and analyze direct and indirect relationships in connected data within Cosmos DB or Neo4j databases to provide them with a deep understanding of context surrounding entities and identify even the most complex patterns and networks.

Linkurious Enterprise offers enhanced detection and analysis capabilities:

Advanced analysis and investigation:

Users benefit from an intuitive interface & advanced features to explore data and understand the full context around entities or cases, no matter the size of the dataset. You can use temporal, geospatial or quantitative filters and visualizations to remove non relevant information and follow the leads which have been identified. You can use customizable query templates to automate data exploration and help find what you’re looking for, in just a click. With custom actions, you can also access data from third party tools to gain further insights directly within the visualizations.

Proactive detection

Set up automated alerts to monitor your data. Identify connections and patterns hidden across billions of nodes and relationships.

Built for teams

Users can easily share visualizations between users for effective collaboration and use flexible REST API to integrate with existing tools such as PowerBI and case management software

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