A simple tool that helps organizations create smarter workdays through real-time data analytics

Create innovative, future-proof workspaces with Mapiq

Hybrid working has transformed how we use the office, and organizations must adapt to stay ahead of the competition and empower their teams with the tools to succeed. With Mapiq, you can easily manage your workspaces, monitor performance, and make proactive, data-driven decisions.

· Create a digital rendering of your workplace through Mapiq's simple and smart Map Editor

· Manage your global real estate portfolio and get building-specific insights

· Stay ahead of changing team needs by keeping track of all users and guest profiles

· Enable SSO (Single Sign-On) integration with Mapiq to allow for hassle-free account set up

Reconnect teams through streamlined workdays

With Mapiq, creating and organizing a meaningful day at work has never been easier. In the face of hybrid working, bringing people together can feel more difficult than ever. With Mapiq, your team will have the opportunity to seamlessly collaborate and engage in the workplace. With Mapiq, employees will be able to:

· Know the right day to come in by checking who will come to the office

· Stay prepared for your workday by checking a quick view of all meetings

· Enjoy a smooth workday by booking a desk

· Keep in sync with your colleagues by connecting with them through Mapiq. We will help you find all the connections you're missing through smart suggestions.

Monitor and optimize your workplace with data analytics

As many leaders strive to revive a vibrant and energetic office filled with people, workplace experience managers, facility managers, real estate managers, and others will need to accommodate employee expectations and management’s ambitions. Whether downsizing on real estate, creating more spaces for private calls, or fostering a different culture, decisions must be made based on accurate data to ensure a sustainable, successful strategy for all parties involved

· Downsize on real estate by finding the most and least used buildings, floors and areas

· Find tools to ease the return to the office by discovering the most and least popular office days

· Ensure a future-proof strategy by predicting evolving employee needs with our hybrid working insights

· Dig deeper into your data by exporting it in into an adaptable, smart format

Integrate Mapiq with your smart ecosystem

Every office is unique, which is why your organization deserves its own custom solutions.

Our Tailored Services team is dedicated to creating custom features for businesses while instituting in-depth integrations with the Mapiq app for simpler, smarter workdays.

Have a dedicated project manager help your company build a fully streamlined smart office. Starting from the design process, we’ll listen to your problems and turn them into tangible design concepts.

· Easy user profile creation through Single Sign-On

· Smart ecosystem integrated with the leading hybrid working tools

  • Simple integration system to sync data between platforms and solutions through our open API

Keep peace of mind with our security and privacy features

  • Open SSO protocol for a seamless authentication process and easy onboarding
  • ISO certified
  • Available in both desktop and native app
  • Transparent privacy policy
  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure hosting through Microsoft Azure