Managed Ubuntu with support from HOSSTED

Linnovate Technologies Ltd.

Managed Ubuntu with support from HOSSTED

Linnovate Technologies Ltd.

Managed Ubuntu, backed by our DevOps support and deep involvement in the open source community.

All HOSSTED products come with top-tier support and monitoring, backed by our deep involvement in the open source community.

Deployment Instructions

To reach your application: After a successful deployment, locate the Public IP Address (see screenshot #1) and paste it into your browser address bar. The page might take a few minutes to appear. Managed Ubuntu will answer on https. Credentials will be available in VM's message of the day (and /etc/mod file)
HOSSTED apps come packaged for the enterprise:

  • Live Support
  • Built-in SSL
  • Custom URL
  • Azure Active Directory Integration
  • Migration Assistance
For any installation issues, contact us here

Once you reach out to us, you can expect our DevOps to schedule a video call with you within one business day.


Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system designed for computers, smartphones, and network servers.


  • Desktop version supports all Windows software
  • Supports LibreOffice.
  • Provides an in-built email software called Thunderbird
  • Has a host of free applications for users to view and edit photos.
  • Applications to manage videos.
  • Smart searching facility.
  • Backed by a large open source community.

Support Terms

Our support service means we will provide remote assistance (via telephone or online communication) in response to requests pertaining to the following: Basic, short duration installation, usage, and configuration questions. Issue diagnosis: isolating cause/s of issue/s (for example, assistance interpreting traces and dumps for installation and code-related problems) For known defects, available corrective service information and a method to obtain available program patches from the Open-Source supplier. For additional support and devops services please contact us at HOSSTED