Mint Management Technologies

Mint Management Technologies revolutionises digital screening for the entire population to curb the spread of COVID-19 revolutionises screening and testing for the entire population to help curb the spread of Covid-19 through data intelligence.
Ideal for Public Departments of Health, Universities, and Provinces, it allows for large-scale, ready-to-go deployment of teams of Community Workers in the tens of thousands to go door-to-door to perform digital screening.
The touch-less screening app empowers healthcare workers to go out into the field and register citizens leveraging facial recognition to ensure unique results.
The mobile app then enables in-field screening via the required Covid-19 legislative data, with automated and prompted medical data capturing via connected Bluetooth medical devices, such as thermal if required. Finally, the mobile app enables geo-tagging, thereby providing 1:1 citizen mapping to their medical information, location and screening data. All of this information is aggregated and analysed in real-time to guide resource deployment and decision making in response to Covid-19.