Apporetum - Application Access Management

Modern Methodologies

Apporetum - Application Access Management

Modern Methodologies

Application Access Management for Azure AD, Active Directory and other systems

Apporetum is a cloud-based enterprise platform that provides your organisation with the capability to efficiently manage user access across your application ecosystem. Apporetum lets the business control who gets access to their applications and allows a true frictionless self-service workplace with all the guardrails, audit and compliance that a modern ICT practice expects.

Access Management

  • Grant and remove access to applications (self-service) in real-time
  • Control user access to apps using time limits
  • Set up approval workflows against application roles that need more control and governance
  • Automatically adopt existing application roles and groups in Azure to achieve enhanced governance
  • Tightly control the renewal, expiry and termination of user's access rights
  • On-board both internal & trusted external third party users in a secure and controlled manner
  • Fine grained role based access control of features across the platform


  • Simple installation and deployment to your existing azure tenant
  • Get visibility of user access across the ICT ecosystem in a central place
  • Easily monitor changes to user's access with detailed audit logs and events
  • Obtain more control & visibility of user access across all your applications


  • Block/Grant access to third party users in real time when there are cyber incidents
  • Block/Grant access to internal apps in real time based on cyber risks
  • Identify access granted to user's outside your organisation's approved process


  • High contrast, light and dark themes
  • Language support built in (localization support)

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