Strapi for Azure

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Strapi for Azure

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Strapi for Azure by Ntegral Inc.

Strapi is a leading open-source headless content management system (CMS). It’s fully customizable, based on a developer-first concept, and 100% javascript. Strapi for Azure is a premium image designed by Ntegral optimized for production environments.

Build apps faster

Strapi provides a highly customizable and performant content API.

  • Open Source: Forever. The entire codebase is available on GitHub and maintained by hundreds of contributors.
  • Customizable: Easily customize the admin panel as well as the API. Extend your content management with custom plugins, in seconds.
  • RESTful of GraphQL: Consume the API from any client (React, Vue, Angular), mobile apps or even IoT devices, using REST or GraphQL.

The Strapi Accelerator is a an image based on CentOS 8, PostgreSQL 12 and Strapi. We created this VM workload to allow for teams to focus on their project and not how to deploy the project to production once it’s completed. The base deployment is using the Strapi Community Edition, however purchasing different versions and Strapi support is available from Strapi.

Strapi Accelerator Instructions

Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTP: 80
  • HTTP:1337

Note: PostgreSQL is running on the default port: 5432. This port is not opened by default!!

  • How to start the Strapi Development Admin
    • ssh to the server
    • cd /home/site/strapi-cms
    • $ npm run develop
  • Administration URL: Access the administration site via a browser at "http://publicDNS:1337" or "http://azureIP:1337"
  • Disclaimer: The respective trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by the respective companies. We do not provide commercial license of any of these products. Many of the products have a, demo or Open Source license as applicable.