Advanced AI Personalized Search

Persoo s.r.o.

Advanced AI Personalized Search

Persoo s.r.o.

Unique personalization search tool based on customer data.

Boost your revenue and customer engagement by personalized search on your website!

Persoo provides personalized search and another x/up sell tools to boost your revenues up to 40% and moreover helps corporate customers to decrease their call center costs.

We are a google generation and we use to search even on the ecommerce or corporate websites rather than walking through the web and trying to find what we are looking for.

For example:
are you sure that when your customer is trying to find “Tommy Hilfiger red t-shirt” on your ecommerce web site search box, or “how to block the credit card” on your corporate web, they found what they really want to?

customer will shop the t-shirt elsewhere and you will lose the revenue. If your customers call to your call center to simply ask how to block the lost credit card your call center costs just blow up.

customer will buy the t-shirt directly and the revenue is yours, more over with our up/x-sell tool he will buy more. Customer will easily find what to do with the credit card and will not call you.

In Persoo we are team of experts providing AI personalized search tools which you can easily get

You will just implement a small piece of code to your website <head> and it will make your e‑commerce platform much smarter.

Collecting data
From the moment when you set up this script, the AI can collect data of users shopping behavior and automatically creates models and scenarios based on what it learned from customers in the past and suggest the most likely preferred products to the new visitors.

Great experience
The users are sorted into different groups like i.e.: "Apple lovers", "Savers", "People who like red color", etc. and it further suggests products according to their interest.

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