Plesk WordPress Edition PREMIUM


Plesk WordPress Edition PREMIUM


Build, secure and run better websites, domains and applications. Plus WordPress staging /cloning.

Plesk is the leading WebOps platform to build, secure and run applications, websites and hosting businesses.

The new Plesk WordPress Edition enables you to create your own Managed WordPress Offer with everything you need. It is ready to deploy out-of-the-box configurations that come with pre-configured settings and our top extensions pre-installed in a *discounted bundle*.


The Welcome Guide helps you during your first steps with Plesk before the advisor takes over. Thanks to the WordPress Toolkit you can easily create templates and launch multiple WordPress instances on a single server.


The new Backup to Cloud Pro Pack allows you to bring an own cloud storage provider to make secure backups and restores. Let’s Encrypt helps to issue SSL-Certificates for every domain.


Building a Website is one side of the medal but the real challenge is to keep them up-to-date and highly visible to all visitors. These are the strength of Plesk Smart Updates and SEO Toolkit!

The WordPress Server Solution contains:
- Plesk Web Host Edition
- WordPress Smart Updates for 30 websites
- SEO Toolkit Personal Edition
- Speed Kit for 1 Website
- BoldGrid Pagebuilder for 1 Website
- Backup to Cloud Pro
- Revisium Antivirus for Websites
- Uptime Robot
- Google PageSpeed Insights
- Sucuri Security Scanner

Plesk Highlights:
- WordPress management and security tools, one click staging/production, security scanning, one-click server hardening, and more.
- Performance optimized with nginx caching, Speed Kit (a one-click Varnish and Fastly Backend) and smart updates powered by AI
- Enhanced security core that protects your server from brute force attacks and protects your websites from common malware attacks
- Ready-to-code environment with LAMP and NGINX, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Docker, Perl, Ruby and Python - with Git support.