Predica Managed Cloud Cost Optimization


Predica Managed Cloud Cost Optimization


Cloud Cost Optimization by Predica can help you lower Azure cloud costs fast. Get a customized report with actionable steps to start saving now. Thanks to this offer, you will be sure you're the one in control. Even a 10% reduction within the first months!

Are you sure you’re not overspending on your Azure cloud?
Receive a monthly report with actionable steps to reduce your costs.
Take command of your cloud. We will help you optimize your bill monthly and protect you from runaway Azure costs.

10% Instant Cost Reduction
90% of our clients see even a 10% cost reduction within the first 2 months.

100% Free For Microsoft Azure Clients
Looking for the catch? There isn’t one. This is a 100% complimentary service we provide for our CSP program clients. Take advantage of it now!

Don’t want your Azure bill to control you?
Take command of your cloud and stop spending more than you need to.

How does the Managed Cloud Cost Optimization by Predica work?
Why wait another month and worry about the costs again? You have nothing to lose but the overpayments.

Here’s how to get started:
1 Contact us
Ask us anything you want to know about our Cloud Cost Optimization.

2 Receive the offer
Sign up for our 100% complimentary service. That’s no fees, ever. Really!

3 Get custom reports
Every month we’ll send you a personalized cloud health check and recommendations for reducing your costs.

4 Save!
No hidden costs, no long-term obligations, no tricks… Just service. That’s our promise to you.

Overgrown cloud bills catching you by surprise?
Let us help:
No Unexpected Costs
Stay on budget and estimate your spend, so you know where the money goes.

No Wasted Resources
Get tips and recommendations suited to your environment. No generic nonsense – just practical advice that saves you time and money.

No Fear Of Runaway Expenses
Take advantage of proactive monitoring and alerting to make sure you stay on track.

No Guesswork
Benefit from enterprise-grade cost optimization and reporting, reviewed by a team of expert cloud analysts.

The Azure cloud is our native language. Our people have similar challenges when it comes to accountability and managing (company) resources. We spend many hours, and dollars, on advancing our skills – both in theory and in practice.

One of our clients saved $10k/month with a single code review!

Contact us for savings that last!

Try us now and stay in command of your Azure cloud bills!