Automated pre-deployment testing of Windows applications

Use unattended automation to test application readiness for Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Rimo3 helps organizations understand the impact of adopting both traditional operational updates, like OS, app, and security patches, and new strategic technologies, like re-platforming to Azure Virtual Desktop. IT teams use this information to meet business needs more quickly and without negatively impacting user productivity.

With our platform, organizations can verify the readiness of their applications and unique operating environment against key compatibility, functionality, and performance metrics, including MSIX suitability and multi-user compatibility.

Key Benefits of using Rimo3


Predict and resolve problems with accurate answers before they impact your users

  • Rapidly discover application suitability for migration to new workspaces and for migration to Azure (AVD, Windows 365), and Windows 11
  • Deploy security and OS patch updates up to 10x faster than current processes
  • Easily transition apps to new clouds and improve innovation by understanding which applications to onboard
  • Minimize risk and reduce help desk calls from poor user experience


  • Quickly assess impact, manage, and deploy configuration updates
  • Better end-user experience
  • Higher productivity and less downtime
  • Achieve tighter security posture faster

Rimo3 provides organizations with the technology to manage and keep up with today and tomorrow's continuous changes, allowing them to meet the evolving needs of their business.

Today, we help you understand the impact of deploying any change on your application performance.

Tomorrow, we help you understand which of your applications will perform well in AVD, and in any world, you want to go towards.

Key Features

Discovery of application suitability for target platforms:

  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Windows 10 and multi-session
  • MSIX conversion
  • Windows 11

Know application behavior before you deploy & easily transition to new application formats like MSIX.

  • Rimo3 software creates fully tested, quality MSIX packages that are ready to deploy in any physical, virtual, or cloud workspace.
  • Rimo3 helps you deploy applications through Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop & Windows 365.

To help businesses get ready on their journey to AVD, Rimo3 has joined Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop value-add partner program and Microsoft MSIX TAP program.

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