MDM, Data Integration and Data Sharing platform

Sentinel Partners Limited

MDM, Data Integration and Data Sharing platform

Sentinel Partners Limited

Configurable MDM, Data Integration and Data Sharing platform

We provide a powerful rule-based Data Integration and MDM Platform, able to receive, validate, cleanse and match data to produce a Single View of a person, property or any other data type.

To add exponentially more value, the Single View can be matched with others to build family compositions, gang memberships and any other groupings required, before being profiled to assess issues, complex dependencies and vulnerabilities. Any number of groups can be brought together to reflect all scenarios.

Our underlying Data Hub is supported by an equally configurable and user-friendly Portal UI to present and share information across different internal and external teams in controlled and compliant ways.

The result is a unified and profiled data management solution for individuals, families or any other networks/associations, with tailored portal applications presenting target cohorts to any number of front-line teams and partner agencies.

Data can be from any source, database type and business partner, making it the perfect enabler for cross-partner collaborations and regional organisations. 

Any MDM data distribution and governance scenarios can be supported.

Intrinsic benefits and outcomes for all our clients include:

·       Proactive, timely and collaborative data-driven service delivery

·       Better management of data quality

·       Targeted data cleansing

·       Visibility of data anomalies, including potential identity fraud

Our solutions are helping Local Authorities and their partners across the UK in an ever-growing list of scenarios, including:

·       Social/integrated health care (CIS)

·       COVID tactical response (incl. Test & Trace)

·       Safeguarding

·       Early years and school readiness

·       NEETS tracking

·       Gang profiling and crime prevention

Our solutions are also being used by Housing Associations to bring disparate data together for integrated management of properties and customers.