Interactive 3D Solution for Training & Marketing

Side Effects AG

Interactive 3D Solution for Training & Marketing

Side Effects AG

Interactive 3D presentations, E-Learning training, and user manuals. Based on a 3D digital twin.

Enable your 3D CAD data for E-Learning and virtual marketing.
Our Interactive 3D Solution software enables the creation of high-quality 3D training and 3D product presentations by everyone in the company.
No experience in 3D data handling and 3D animation is required. E-Learning and marketing content creation in hours instead of weeks with an unreached optimization of complex 3D data.

Why Interactive 3D Solution?

Fast setup, automated upload, and instant start.
Contact us and be ready in less than one hour. Create your first interactive training within the first day.

The powerful combination of our 3D specialized data platform (vHUB) and easy-to-use 3D editor (vSTAGE), enables 3D CAD data-based training, presentations, and manuals inside the whole company and enables you to deliver next-level E-Learning content to your clients.

Key Benefits

Save money:
  Up to 50%* cost reduction in training & media production

Enable 3D data for E-Learning:
  Create your own 3D based training for your LMS with the most intuitive 3D editor

IoT data meets 3D:
  Unreached 3D data optimization & LIVE data enrichment

Detailed traceability:
  Fully digital certification & analytics workflow

No stationary limitations:
  Flexible remote training and product presentation from everywhere

How to start & Plans

Contact us ( and we will set up the 30 days trial for you. In a short workshop (2 hours) we will guide you to your first 3D upload and give you a quick introduction to our 3D editor.
After the trial phase, there can be a smooth transition into one of our SaaS Licensing Packages, based on the complexity of your 3D CAD data:

• 1x Editor user
• 30x Viewer
• Up to 3000 3D Components
• 1 GB Data storage
• Create unlimited projects

USD 500.- / month

• 2x Editor user
• 50x Viewer
• Up to 20'000 3D Components
• 5 GB Data storage
• Create unlimited projects

USD 980.- / month

• 3x Editor user
• 100x Viewer
• Up to 100'000 3D Components
• 20 GB Data storage
• Create unlimited projects

USD 2'900.- / month

Deploy virtual 3D - deliver more

Enable your 3D CAD data on mobile devices, laptops, touchscreens or even on AR/VR devices. Be ready for the future of industrial training, marketing and service.