PubSub+ Cloud Enterprise Accounts

Solace Corporation

PubSub+ Cloud Enterprise Accounts

Solace Corporation

PubSub+ Cloud: Enterprise-grade Event Brokers as-a-Service

PubSub+ Cloud is the only enterprise-grade messaging as a service available in public and virtual private clouds from Azure and other major cloud providers.

Build an Event Mesh to Event-enable Your Enterprise

PubSub+ Cloud messaging services in multiple regions and clouds can easily be connected to form an "event mesh" that dynamically routes events between producer and subscriber applications, no matter where they live on the mesh, in real-time. The mesh can also extend to on-premises or other private networking environments, such as PCF or Kubernetes, through the use of PubSub+ event brokers.

Enterprise Benefits

PubSub+ Cloud delivers the serious performance enterprises need from their event broker infrastructure, including low latency, high availability, security, WAN optimization and more – without all the management hassles.

Developer Benefits

PubSub+ Cloud gives developers the features, functionality and performance they need to quickly build and deploy apps within distributed enterprises. They can get coding quickly using whatever language and API stack they want through the web console or a REST API for CI/CD integration.

Use Cases

Leading enterprises use PubSub+ Cloud to:
  • Enable event-driven microservices
  • Stream data from on-premises to the cloud
  • Build IoT applications with millions of connected devices
  • Integrate web streaming or mobile apps
  • Create an event mesh and dynamically route events without building custom bridges

Plans and Pricing

PubSub+ Enterprise Plans offer the ability to create services with the scale and customization to meet every enterprise requirement, including:
  • Up to 200K connections
  • Up to 1 Gbps throughput
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 24x7x365 Platinum support
In addition, PubSub+ Cloud Enterprise Accounts offer other important management features important for corporate security and control, including:
  • Support for virtual private clouds
  • Private key and certificate management to secure data at rest and in motion
  • Private network connectivity
  • User management (for teams)
  • Single sign-on
  • Integrations with corporate identity and access management systems
  • Advanced user permissions and access control
  • Advanced monitoring and alerting (e.g., queue full, disc space at capacity)
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