SteadyPoint Solutions


SteadyPoint Solutions

ITSM Ticketing System to help Service Desk manage IT and Non-IT trouble tickets.

This is SteadyPoint Helpdesk, Office 365’s Helpdesk Solution Designed to make you one with the office 365 Ecosystem. Made for SME’s and enterprises to take their Office Experience to the next level, collaboration made simple with a familiar Office 365 look and feel.

Key benifits:

  1. Serve your employees and customers
  2. Minimal user management
  3. Host your own data

Collect trouble tickets:

All your trouble tickets can be collected through our easy-to-use portal in Office 365, submitted by the users themselves or on behalf of them, or through your users sending tickets via email with the trouble ticket information. Using REST API’s and Office 365 Flow, you can start creating tickets from your own systems

Route to the correct teams:

Manage your service desk by sending the ticket to the appropriate problem handling team through one of two approaches:

  • Manual routing: Which involves assigning the ticket when it is created.
  • Automatic Routing: A pre-configured structure established in the Helpdesk routing engine, which works by sending the ticket to an individual assignee immediately, a team or a manager who re-assigns the tickets.

Collaborate with others

You are now ready and can put your different team members to work on the Help Desk tickets. You can follow-up on tickets, communicate with the ticket author for more details on the matter at hand, open discussions with internal users and write down tasks in the activity log.

Get detailed reports

Helpdesk provides tools for you to track performance and determine bottlenecks in the workflow. You can view detailed ticket reports, detailed performance report (comparing SLA to actual results) and MTTR reports. You can also view reports per customer. 


  • Custom ticket ID
  • Problem catalog
  • User hierarchy
  • Automatic and Manual routing
  • Create tickets through email
  • External Messages
  • Multiple working calendars
  • Reminders & Escalations
  • Knowledge base
  • Admin center
  • Customizable ticket templates
  • Discussion Board
  • Delegate tasks
  • Re-open closed tickets
  • External contacts
  • Tickets auto-close
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Calendar view

* This app requires AAD admin permissions.