SquaredUp Community Edition


SquaredUp Community Edition


Dashboard any data with ease, for free!

Enterprise-grade dashboarding that’s FREE forever

The Community Edition lets you deliver real-time answers from any data source to anyone in your business, with ease.

Give every team instant visibility of their data. Connect to, surface, and dashboard any data to provide real-time insights for any team so they can optimize outcomes and identify issues fast.

Built for Enterprise IT. Connect directly to any data source with the native integrations that make dashboarding a breeze.

Community Edition is free and gives you:

  • 3 named users
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Open Access to share unlimited dashboards with anyone, anywhere
  • Unlimited data sources via API, PowerShell, SQL, and more
  • Integrations for Elasticsearch, and Azure Log analytics


An Azure Active Directory account that can deploy applications to Azure Active Directory (AD). Learn more

What we create

  • A Virtual Machine in your Azure tenant, running our web application and IIS, with a small data disk and a public IP address
  • SquaredUp only stores the configuration of your dashboards, not your data

How do I request my FREE license?
Click here to register and we will email you a free forever license to get you started. 

Download it now for free and deploy in minutes