Telstra Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint for Microsoft Defender

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Telstra Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint for Microsoft Defender

Telstra Limited

A fully managed monitoring service that helps protect your data from malware and ransomware 24/7.


The Cyber Detection and Response – Endpoint solution enables you to quickly address the escalated frequency and threat level of broadened attack surfaces and increases in both known and unknown vulnerabilities. It is a 24x7 fully managed monitoring service that helps detect, investigate, and neutralise discovered threats on your behalf. Unlike many solutions, it doesn’t just issue notifications; it also helps remediate and remove the threat. The solution is vendor agnostic utilising Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Importantly, your infrastructure doesn’t need to be managed by Telstra to use this service.


Replace legacy anti-virus - Automatically block detected malware with expert human oversight to remove false positives

Initial Policy Consultation - Let our experts evaluate your security environment now, and where it needs to be

Continuous false positive reduction - Automate threat reviews and minimize alerts to the ones that count

Manual remediation - Custom policy enforcement utilizing ‘living off the land’ techniques

Continuous policy adaption - Evolve and rewrite policies as your needs change

Root cause analysis - Remote investigation of all positively identified malicious activity

Real time response - Manually interact with endpoints to push custom scripts or extract forensic data

Threat hunting - Deploy analytics to help identify activity that may have bypassed traditional detection methods

Key Benefits

Helps defend against increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks Analysts monitor your endpoint security posture 24/7 and respond to incidents.

Expands your cybersecurity capabilities via a 24/7 managed monitoring service The solution leverages expertise and resources that are not readily available 24x7 to many organisations. Unlike many solutions, Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint doesn’t just issue notifications. Instead, it can help remediate and remove the threat.

Provides the support of world-class security expertise Telstra Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint isn’t simply a reactive solution responding to threats as they appear: it combines cutting edge technology with an elite team of security analysts to extend your existing technologies and team. In addition, our experienced security professionals can assist in deployment and provide ongoing security assurance services where required.

Getting Started

Telstra Cyber Detection and Response – Endpoint is a 12-month minimum engagement and is available in Australia only. Please reach out to us for more information about a private offer.

New to Endpoint Security? Telstra can help. Telstra professional services team can analyze your requirements, design the endpoint license deployment, help you configure policy of the platform, assist with the migration, and then hand over the service to CDR Endpoint team on your behalf to activate the service.

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  • With the subscription of this offer, you will receive premium endpoint detection and threat hunting services from Telstra
  • With the subscription of a Telstra – CDR Endpoint solution (Essential, Advanced), you are entitled to 24x7 technical support
  • And access to CDR portal that provides a convenient access to endpoint health and all the security alerts raised & remediated by the solution.

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