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Visualize how your company uses the MS Teams to navigate better productivity.

How does your company use the Microsoft Teams?

Without understanding how your teams spend their time, you cannot improve their productivity. Grasp your company’s full potential by visualizing how teams work and communicate:

What is Time is Ltd Analytics?

Visualize how your company uses the MS teams to navigate better productivity.

Project your company’s activities and pick up practical productivity tips to avoid wasting time. How are your teams managing their workload throughout the day? 

Map out your stats and visualize how your company uses the MS Teams with Time is Ltd. Analytics, developed by the productivity analytics company Time is Ltd. 

Our platform consolidates your statistics into clear, coherent visualizations. Learn how many users within teams or departments are active daily on each tool, which weekdays are busiest, how your company communication culture is changing over time, and more.

With Time is Ltd. Analytics, you will get the best productivity tips and advice on the optimal ways of communication and collaboration within MS Teams in your company.

As privacy is the pillar of our work, we analyze activity frequency on a company level, respecting individual confidentiality.

Map out how efficient your communication and collaboration is. The more you know, the better you work.


On the mission to free people's time from unproductive communication. 

Time is Ltd. Analytics is a solution powered by Time is Ltd., a company that tackles inefficiencies in the workday. Our products drive better performance and a happier working environment. Reduce time wasted on unnecessary communication with our productivity analytics and make pointless meetings, video calls, and emails a thing of the past. Time is limited, use it wisely. 




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Our analytics software as a service benefit managers, CEOs, CHROs, HR teams, People Analytics (CPAO), and Information officers (CIO) for: 

• Large corporations that undergo change management projects and want the analytic insight to make data-driven decisions. 

• International companies that want to understand communication between headquarters (HQ) and their local branches.

• Scaleups/fast-growing startups that need the tools and guidance to manage their shifting structural dynamics and understand the direction of change.

Understand team dynamics with privacy-minded products that complement a changing work environment. Digitalization, agile transformation, measuring sales team performance, organizing your communication strategy - all is possible with our productivity analytics. By connecting to your existing tools via API, our platform digests the data and identifies signals that reveal how companies communicate and use collaboration tools. 

Time is Ltd. platform integrates with various data sources at the same time (hybrid environments): Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Salesforce, JIRA