ValueLogic Sp. z o.o.


ValueLogic Sp. z o.o.

Inspired by your experience we deliver efficient meeting room reservation using Augmented Reality.

Use the solution from day one

Designed for ease of use from the very start, Bookado lets you avoid the expense of hardware or cabling infrastructure—and there is no need to wait for installation.

Catch the future—get into AR!

Utilise phone and special marker to see room availability data in Augmented Reality. We deliver it all “in the box” and help you cut costs with the Bookado assistant sitting right in your pocket!

Fast and easy booking

It only takes seconds to find an available meeting room. The check-in and check-out functionality removes ghost bookings and is just one features that lets employees focus on productivity, we deliver efficient meeting room reservation.

Save time and money

Unleash the potential of your people by taking their time away from tasks like room booking. Give employees tools that make life and work easier.


Bookado is a SaaS solution which can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar.